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Carve happy memories for your staff, business partners, clients and families.

We are eager to welcome fresh ideas and we are always looking for ways to grow. If you want to explore how MiniMeCraft figurines can benefit your marketing strategies and corporate branding. We commend you!

Some examples in which international companies have included in their marketing strategies such figurines / statuettes you can find more information on: .

You have certainly seen them in many of the Hollywood movies, now you can benefit from them too!


What gifts do men and women like? In addition to the pictures of the children in the family, the miniMe figurines that show them 3D are much more fascinating. 

If you are in trouble with men's gift ideas, the miniMe statuettes is exactly what you need.

MiniMe is here for you, just send us pictures with him. A gift prepared in advance for an anniversary or a gift for a specific occasion, personalized statuettes are funny and can be very special when they also have a dedicated message.

The personalized figurine with his image will be the perfect gift that will create a sensation!

Is her birthday approaching? Don't worry, miniMe is here to help you with an ideal gift. Whether she is a housewife or has a hobby, we make you the perfect figurine to surprise her with.

The life of a couple as well as of a married couple is a really beautiful one, so surprise your partner with a top quality product to look forward to at work or on a trip.

For more details, please contact us at and you will soon receive an irrefutable offer that best suits your needs.

We want to be with you and take part in the special events you organize or participate in. Please send an email to specifying more details (what type of event you are taking part in or on what occasion, the date of the event, the quantity).

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